Reflections: How analysis of government data can help LGUs, NGAs, and local communities

Author: Roben A. Juanatas (CCIT – National University)

Analysis of government data, in my opinion, has the ability to bring about considerable change for the LGU or community. Local governments are particularly enthusiastic about promoting this new approach to community engagement. Many local governments have begun to see the value of analyzing government data for more open and transparent operations. The study of government data can assist the LGU in staying connected, informed, and up-to-date with their community’s day-to-day operations. 

Furthermore, this trend may aid the LGU in continuing to deliver and make decisions that are in the best interests of the community. It also opens up new possibilities for local government applications, boosts community interest, and can lay the groundwork for new technology innovation and economic progress. Furthermore, data analysis can provide relevant facts, which can serve to bring a community together and empower them to create the future.  

Finally, it is not simply the simplification of the community’s operations and proving progress toward strategic priorities that fosters community confidence through data analysis. It is important in a variety of government areas, including education, employment, manufacturing, agriculture, and criminality, to name a few. The information gathered in LGU can be used to develop strategic policies and provide insights to make better judgments. 

This article is the author’s reflection on the insight gained from the recently concluded OCDex 2022 Public Data Analytics Fellowship Trainings.

For more information about the article, please reach out to the author: or Layertech labs support at

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